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Mutant Slime Acrylic Keychain

Mutant Slime Acrylic Keychain

Genshin Impact

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Our acrylic keychains are excellent for holding your keys or attaching to a backpack to show off your love for your favorite Genshin Impact enemies. The slime range includes a bonus elemental charm pendant.

  Mutant Slime

A monster created by the coalescing of Electro dispersed throughout nature.
Electro Slimes can undergo mutations to become a bright yellow. Due to the abundant Electro within its form, it will deliver an electric shock to its surroundings from time to time, and it can even cause nearby Electro Slimes to release electric arcs. This arc lightning will not bounce between purple Electro Slimes, which shows that Electro Slimes have two different polarities. One wonders if some great new science could emerge from the study of such phenomena...


Width (pendant): 4.5 cm / 1.8 inches
Height (pendant): 5 cm / 2 inches
Length (chain): 3.5 cm / 1.4 inches
Thickness: 0.3 cm / 0.1 inches
Material: High Quality Acrylic Resin and Zinc Alloy


Our acrylic keychains come with a protective film to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. Please carefully remove it before display.


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